Al-Siraj E-School
Al-Siraj E-School application took a shift in terms of the technical aspect in the educational sector (opinions were taken from experienced teachers), and it is the first in the field, characterized by professional programming and design which is done by talented Iraqi youth and brought along the hashtag #Technology_With_Iraqi_Minds
The pace of technology development has accelerated to the point where it has taken over people’s lives, in which the use of latest technologies, in particular smartphones and tablets are being used almost daily, and it has become to accomplish a lot of business and tasks. Here, we quickly came up with a short and long-term plan to make a leap into Information Technology within our dear country. The AlSiraj E-School system was to be this step within a thousand steps to come with the help of Allah. The Alkafeel Institute for Information Technology completed this to be a new horizon gateway in the Iraqi information space. The AlSiraj E-School system is a transition in the technical aspect in the education sector, and was designed after extensive study, discussions and proposals from a number researchers and specialists within the education sector. This allows it to be the first of this kind to be used in this area, characterized by professional programming and design which is done by talented Iraqi youth and brought along the hashtag #Technology_With_Iraqi_Minds .
1.AlSiraj system can be used by teachers and parents through:
● AlSiraj Application for smartphones and tablets running on Android or IOS.
●The schools website.
2. The AlSiraj system provides an easy to use control interface, through which the school management can manage the system fully, for example: entering students and teacher’s information, sending notifications, in addition to adding results and absences, and many more.
3. The system provides flexibility in giving instructions and application features of students and teachers, such as the order of the list of features in the application, stopping or hiding any part of the application features, as well as the ability of showing a message for the reason of stopping the features desired by the school administration.
4. The application contains complete information on the student, for example: the classroom, the principal, and all essential information on the student. In addition to behavioral assessments, scientific assessments, results, messages, and many more.
5. Parents can view the student’s results through the specified window that classifies the results depending on the subjects or type of tests.
6. The system offers the option to send administrative notifications or educational by the teacher with the ability to attach a picture with the notification and a notification sound once it sends.
7. Notifications can be sent to all users at a school, or to a particular class, or to specified teachers or students.
8. The system offers full control of permissions for teacher and administration staff in sending messages and notifications and customizing them depending by classes.
9. The system provides a feature for parents to communication between teachers and administration staff, depending on the user permissions that the administration allow.
10. The administration staff can block or disable messages or notifications from any account whether it relates to a student or one of the staff, with a message popping up with the reason why the account was blocked or disabled.
11. Parents can check through the application the number of days absent the student is from school or days of vacations along with their dates.
12. Through the application parents can see the weekly timetable as well as monthly tests, mid-year tests ad final exams, with a message showing up when the dates are close to each test.
13. The school calendar can be viewed through the application that contains important school events, such as the start of the school year, holiday dates, school trips and others.
14. The application supports multiple accounts, where you can open more than one student account or teaching staff, and receive notifications and messages and all important notifications from each account at the same time.
15. You can view archives of the students previous years through the application, and look at their results, messages, notifications of a particular year.
16. Administration staff can add news articles and news and divide it depending on the department, specified through the website, and users receive a notification once any news is published.
17. The system provides an electronic library that contains the textbooks for each class, in addition, administration staff can add additional courses that can be added through the applications website.
18. The system provides the ability to share many of the information within the application in a direct way or by copying it.
19. . The system offers a service (Todays Wisdom) in which the service sends notifications with a brief wisdom about raising kids, manners towards parents, and this option can be allocated or disable by the school administration.
20. The system offers a password lock feature to prevent intrusion and tampering of the application and being able to disable sound for notifications and messages to avoid disturbance.
21. The school gets to participate in the AlSiraj system on the school website specific to the school on the ( where it contains news and the schools vision, in addition to a photo gallery and number of information related to the school.

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About the Application
AlSiraj E-School … produced by Alkafeel Institute for Information Technology affiliated by the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at The Al-Abbas Holy Shrine, where the system and application was programmed by talented youths who put effort in and have high capabilities.